Bathroom Cleaning Set

Bathroom Cleaning Set

Bathroom Cleaning Set

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HOME SET Bathroom Cleaning Set(#08064)


The set is created for bathroom cleaning. There will always be fibers on hand to absorb moisture or wipe the plumbing equipment, glassware and mirrors from drops and stains. It easily removes plaque from tiles in the bathroom or shower, without using chemicals.

The set includes the following items:

HOMES11, Ultrasponge. Involver sponge
The Involver sponge removes ultraheavy dirt, including stubborn stains, grime, and grease, thanks to the ultrafine bristles of its hard material. It is not recommended for delicate surfaces. It is suitable for wet cleaning.
HOMEA1, Unifiber. Universal fiber
Due to the elongated pile, the universal fiber actively absorbs moisture, dust, and dirt. It leaves no lint or stains. It is recommended for wet and dry cleaning.
HOME P1, Glass shine. Fiber for glassware
The fiber efficiently cleans windows, mirrors, and glossy surfaces without the need to wipe them dry. It leaves no lint or streaks. It is recommended for wet and dry cleaning.

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