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AQUAmatic MOP Universal Attachment no. 1(№02154)
$16.50 | 6.4 PV

Enjoy the cleaning! The universal attachment enables to do wet and dry cleaning of various surfaces, without leaving stains or lint. The textile side easily collects dust and absorbs water, and the fuzzy side is designed for dry cleaning and tiding the parquet surfaces and carpeting.

The AQUAmatic attachments for cleaning surfaces are made of the ultrathin dissected microfiber produced by the advanced textile technology: each thread is cut longitudinally into eight regular sections forming microscopic slits along the entire length of the thread.That results in the forming of capillary effect: moisture with dirt and dust comes off the cleaned surface and draws into the fabric structure under the surface tension.

The textile side «of the universal attachment» that is designed for wet cleaning, collects dirt and absorbs water.

The fuzzy side that is designed for dry cleaning, easily collects dust and quickly tidies the parquet surfaces and carpeting. It delicately cleans the surface without scratching or damaging it.

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